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Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift Suzuki Swift Suzuki Swift Suzuki Swift Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift

Cena: 12 891 zł

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Hello ! Suzuki Swift Gti 1300 ready to take off in the Polish Rally Championship (class historical ) MPC (Class 7 ) GSMP (Class HS/J2 ) and RD3L range (Class for 1400) . This is a great , fast , light and agile car to embark on the adventure of rallies .
Specifications cars:
GTI - pack
- hut obspawana
Race - cage Cages max option
- plate under the engine
- strut upper and lower front
- exhaust with an angle , the final injectors
copper -wire brake let go in the cabin
- Transmission GTI needle condition
- clutch Sintering
Engine Series
-aluminum engine bearings and gearbox
- clips on the hood and tailgate
- long pins hub
- 10mm wheel spacers
- windows sealed with
- bucket seats Bimarco expert with the current approval status needle x2
sparco seat - mounting
- belts 4pkt current approvals x2
- blades to belts omp x 2 pcs
- breaker with a rope on the fender
- extinguishing system lifeline current approval
- cover the cage with the approved
- steering wheel firmly stepped Naba
omp - riser
- burned on the button
- intercom sparco
- net for helmets
- safety equipment ( okejka , first aid kit, warning triangle)
-hydraulic manual by hom
- corrector braking Tilton
transferred to computer in an easily accessible place
- powerful brakes ( Brembo discs , ebc redstuff )
Bilstein B6 - thread suspension front and rear on a thick Ladz ( set on uneven asphalt ) to this free racing suspension springs osaj plus SMP , rear adjustable Koni
- 4x slik matador softer compound on the mega- light magnesium oz racing
- 4x slik KUMHO medium compound for quite original switowskich aul
- 4x FEDIMA average mix of rain on steel
- 4x winter hell knows what it is , but the bit of snow : D
- 4x some dunlopy sp sport
- 2x TPS efficient
- to set zderzeków , thresholds plastic tubes , rockers , mirrors, 1 spare computer, camera gear, instrument panels , drive shafts and the hell of the Swift GTI . I still have a lot of other goodies which I can not remember : D
Auto sells because of the higher class races in the MPC. As for the final checks before the competition whether or GSMP MPC was never a problem . The car has now broken down engine.
CONTACTS: +48 883153576
Suzuki Swift
Suzuki Swift Suzuki Swift Suzuki Swift Suzuki Swift Suzuki Swift

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